About newTunes

As I was browsing through albums at the record store the other day, I lamented the fact that I always seem to miss CD releases from my favorite bands. It seems that somehow the news never gets to me. My favorite bands always come out with CDs that I don’t find out about for months! I thought further on the subject. I realized there are just two ways to find out about new releases and upcoming releases.  First, you can read through pages and pages of new releases on Amazon.com, iTunes, or at your local record store, hoping to see a band you care about. Or, you can look at each individual band’s web site to see if a new release is coming out.  Both of these are very arduous and ineffective tasks.  There had to be a better way to stay up to date with music you care about. And thus my idea was born: newTunes, a way of instantly finding new albums by only the bands YOU care about, the ones you already listen to.  And what better way to package it then in a Dashboard Widget? The newTunes widget allows you to quickly and effectively find new and upcoming releases for bands in your iTunes at your own convenience. Never miss another cd release again!