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Event Driven a blog by Jim George Fri, 04 Sep 2009 23:38:21 +0000 en hourly 1 refocused web presence Fri, 04 Sep 2009 23:38:21 +0000 Jim Updates on this site fell off a bit after I returned to the states.  I’ve focused my efforts of late on my portfolio site which should be updated fairly frequenetly with new projects.

I can also be followed on twitter.

Seattle Snow Mon, 22 Dec 2008 03:04:59 +0000 Jim Wow, what a surreal environment to come home to.  The city is litterally frozen.  The snow hasn’t stopped all day.  I spent the afternoon sledding down Denny on capitol hill.  People are litterally snowboarding to work!

Here is a video of a run down the hill I did on a trash can lid.

马上回美国. headed home Thu, 18 Dec 2008 10:37:57 +0000 Jim A quick post from the airport that I’m about to get on the plane to head back to the cold Seattle rain.  I have pictures from Malaysia and Singapore that I will post when I have a faster connection.

Right now I don’t feel much other than disbelief.

我的脑子知道,但是我的心还没发现. ~

]]> 4 days in Malaysia Tue, 09 Dec 2008 22:04:51 +0000 Jim I spent 4 days with my roommate Billion exploring his home town of Segamat, Malaysia.

Malaysia is the most multi-cultural place I’ve ever been.  Malay, Indian, and Chinese all live harmoniously together with a slow paced life style.  We spent some time in the jungle exploring the fruit, palm, and rubber tree plantations.  Bought a fish off of a fisherman and took it to a restaurant to cook up.

It was fun but all too short!

云南第五天: 梅里雪山. Yunnan Day 5: Meili Xueshan Thu, 04 Dec 2008 02:25:45 +0000 Jim So we finally reached further into the mountainous reaches of Yunnan to the sacred Meili Xueshan range.  The tallest peak has never been climbed - quite a number of attempted and have either turned back or been killed. The Tibetan Buddhists regard this as one of the most sacred peaks and thousands make pilgramages there every year.

We first watched the sun rise over the mountains and then made the winding mountain road to the bases to climb to a point to see.  I realized that it was a glacier so the ice formations around the base were quite fascinating.  Everywhere was adorned with the waving flags of the Tibetan religion, adding color to the stark white and brown of the snowy glacier.

We met a party of travelers who had walked for many days to see the glacier.  Because they were from Tibet, or 西藏 in Mandarin they did not speak standard 普通话.  It was very curious to see our group of Chinese tourists feel like foreigners in their own country.  The travelers were quite friendly and quiet as they tended to their prayer of the mountain.

云南第四天: 香格里拉. Yunnan Day 4: Shangri-La Wed, 03 Dec 2008 02:10:01 +0000 Jim The closest big town to the 美丽雪山 is the famous town of Shangri-La.  We stopped here for an evening.  It was cold, and we were at a high enough elevation to be mildly affected by the altitude.  Still the scenerey and uniquness of the town kept spirits up.

We visited a temple area of the town.  It was very nice, but felt a little fabricated in order to attract tourists.  There were a gaggle of young children with puppies out front in traditional dress.  They were put up to it by their folks to earn a few dollars to take pictures.  I wasn’t too excited about the idea and definitely didn’t want to give them money for making their kids act like puppets.  But I stood back and stole a few shots as the others in group happily encouraged the behavior. The kids sure were cute though…

The town was an interesting mix of old an new… It had an old town not too unlike Lijiang, but felt less touristy and more remote.  Even within the city there was livestock roaming everywhere.  We spent a while with the group and a while on our own winding within the corridors of the ancient town.

云南第三天: 虎跳峡. Yunnan Day 3: Leaping Tiger Gorge. Tue, 02 Dec 2008 15:58:07 +0000 Jim As our group made its way out to the mountains we stopped at a few other sites along the way.  The first was a trip deep into the Leaping Tiger Gorge.  We hiked down and up in the day and lazed around the stony river bed for a few hours.  A great icebreaker for the group as everyone was quite talkative and friendly.  Being the only westerner in the group I was again given many opportunities to sharpen my Mandarin tongue.

云南第二天: 丽江. Yunnan Day 2, Lijiang Mon, 01 Dec 2008 15:57:17 +0000 Jim Quickly leaving the bustling dirty city of Yunnan, we took the 8 hour bus ride through 大理 (Dali) to 丽江 (Lijiang), an ancient city deeper into the mountains of Yunnan.  However the city still felt a little touristy and we were itching to get into the rural areas.

We found a hiking tour guide who was leaving on a four day tour to see the 美丽雪山 (Meili Xueshan). The mountain also goes by the name Kawagebo, and is the highest point in Yunnan province and one of the most sacred peaks to the Tibetan Buddhists  the next morning.  We signed up and in the morning packed up with the 10 other folks on the tour.  All of whom turned out to be great folks. Our tour guide’s name was 小黑 (xiao hei), and he was quite the humerous character.

云南第一天: 石林. Yunnan day one, Stone Forest Sun, 30 Nov 2008 15:01:26 +0000 Jim I spent 6 days in the southerly Chinese province of 云南 (Yunnan) China.  It was a quick trip but a lot of ground was covered.  Starting in the capital city of 昆明 (Kunming) the first stop was the 石林 (Stone Forest), a natural phenomenon a few hours drive from the city center.

I was a little dissapointed at first with the forest because it was very touristy, hundreds of tourist crowded the park and surrounding area.  However as soon as one stepped out of the park area it was totally deserted.  We spent time hiking around the unmodified area to get an idea of what the natural area was really like.

The landscape was created when the area used to be under water.  Now the ocean has receded and there are left this thousands towering pillars of stone.  The first area was very sparse and the stone pillars were scattered around surrounded by grass.  The second area was denser, full of crevasses and dark passages ways.  It was a labyrinth and we had to ask our way out several times.  Again, this area was deserted of all but a few people.  Quite a surreal experience.  I was reminded of the game Myst… to make an obscure reference =)

The photos speak for themselves.

缕金帝和三只熊猫 Thu, 27 Nov 2008 03:59:20 +0000 Jim 缕金帝和三只熊猫
翻译: 进博 (James George)

从前,竹林里住着三只熊猫.  他们的房子又大又漂亮.  他们是熊猫爸爸, 熊猫妈妈, 和熊猫宝宝.  在一个晴朗的下午他们把粥做好后, 就出去散步,等粥晾凉.  过了一会儿一个叫缕金帝的小女孩儿走到了这幢房子.  她走了好久, 又饿又累.   她敲了敲门,不过没人答应. 她就走了进去. 她先进了厨房, 看到桌子上有三碗粥, 一碗大的, 一碗中的, 和一碗小的. 她饿极了! 她先尝了尝大碗的, 可是太烫了.  然后她尝了尝中碗的, 可是太凉了. 最后他尝了尝小碗的, 这碗正好, 不冷不热. 她就都喝完了.  喝完后她走进客厅, 看到三把大小不同的椅子. 她先坐了坐大的, 可是太高了. 然后她坐了坐中的, 可是太宽了. 最后她坐了坐小的, 可是椅子坏了!  后来, 她觉得有点儿困, 所以她就上楼去休息.  卧室里也有三张大小不同的床.  她先躺在大床上, 可是太硬了. 然后她试了试中床, 可是太软了.  最后她试了试小床, 她觉得很舒服, 不软不硬.  她一躺下就睡着了.  然后熊猫回家了.  在厨房他们发现有人进来过.  熊猫爸爸说 “有人喝过我的粥”.  熊猫妈妈说 “也有人喝过我的粥”.  熊猫宝宝说 “ 我的粥也被喝了,而且被喝光了!”  然后他们进客厅去.  熊猫爸爸说 “有人坐过我的椅子”.  熊猫妈妈说 “也有人坐过我的椅子”.  熊猫宝宝说 “ 我的椅子也被坐过,而且被坐坏了.”  他们很担心.  然后到楼上的卧室去.  熊猫爸爸说 “有人睡过我的床”. 熊猫妈妈说 “也有人睡过我的床.”  熊猫宝宝说 “也有人睡过我的床, 而且她还睡在这里!”  缕金帝一听到有声音就起来了, 但不幸的是, 熊猫把她吃了! 完!