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云南第四天: 香格里拉. Yunnan Day 4: Shangri-La

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The closest big town to the 美丽雪山 is the famous town of Shangri-La.  We stopped here for an evening.  It was cold, and we were at a high enough elevation to be mildly affected by the altitude.  Still the scenerey and uniquness of the town kept spirits up.

We visited a temple area of the town.  It was very nice, but felt a little fabricated in order to attract tourists.  There were a gaggle of young children with puppies out front in traditional dress.  They were put up to it by their folks to earn a few dollars to take pictures.  I wasn’t too excited about the idea and definitely didn’t want to give them money for making their kids act like puppets.  But I stood back and stole a few shots as the others in group happily encouraged the behavior. The kids sure were cute though…

The town was an interesting mix of old an new… It had an old town not too unlike Lijiang, but felt less touristy and more remote.  Even within the city there was livestock roaming everywhere.  We spent a while with the group and a while on our own winding within the corridors of the ancient town.

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