Monday, December 1st, 2008...11:57 pm

云南第二天: 丽江. Yunnan Day 2, Lijiang

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Quickly leaving the bustling dirty city of Yunnan, we took the 8 hour bus ride through 大理 (Dali) to 丽江 (Lijiang), an ancient city deeper into the mountains of Yunnan.  However the city still felt a little touristy and we were itching to get into the rural areas.

We found a hiking tour guide who was leaving on a four day tour to see the 美丽雪山 (Meili Xueshan). The mountain also goes by the name Kawagebo, and is the highest point in Yunnan province and one of the most sacred peaks to the Tibetan Buddhists  the next morning.  We signed up and in the morning packed up with the 10 other folks on the tour.  All of whom turned out to be great folks. Our tour guide’s name was 小黑 (xiao hei), and he was quite the humerous character.

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