Thursday, November 27th, 2008...11:23 am

Wow - long time no updates!

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It has been a quiet blog lately.  I’ve been settling into a rhythm here and haven’t been compelled too much to share, but figured it’d be good to let people know I’m alive.

I’ve been back in Shanghai and living with a bit of a slower pace.  Concentrating on studying Mandarin and just enjoying being in the city.  I have relaxed a lot since coming back from my second trip.  I am not so concerned with trying to “see everything” and “do everything”, especially with creative projects.  I have decided that right now is a time for reflections and observation.  The future holds many more opportunities for more directed creative pursuits.  For now with my time I want to just take it in and give it time to soak up into the rest of my life experience.  I can make sense of things later.

But this reflective time now is the calm before the storm because tomorrow I’m leaving for 云南 (Yunnan) province to see a few cities 昆明 (Kunming) and 丽江 (Lijiang).  I’ve been really itching to get out of cities and see what a bit more of the Chinese country side has to offer. My Chinese instructor will be accompanying me so I am sure that there will be a whole plethora of cultural knowledge to be found that I would otherwise miss without such a knowledgeable companion.

After the Yunnan trip I’ll be heading to meet up with Billion, my roommate, who is back in Malaysia for a few weeks.  While there I’ll hop a train down to Singapore to the SIGGRAPH ASIA conference and to visit with a former DXARTS grad who is living there, Hiroki.

Beyond that there are 3 days left in Shanghai before it’s home for the holidays.  But I’m already looking at air tickets for June…

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