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云南第一天: 石林. Yunnan day one, Stone Forest

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I spent 6 days in the southerly Chinese province of 云南 (Yunnan) China.  It was a quick trip but a lot of ground was covered.  Starting in the capital city of 昆明 (Kunming) the first stop was the 石林 (Stone Forest), a natural phenomenon a few hours drive from the city center.

I was a little dissapointed at first with the forest because it was very touristy, hundreds of tourist crowded the park and surrounding area.  However as soon as one stepped out of the park area it was totally deserted.  We spent time hiking around the unmodified area to get an idea of what the natural area was really like.

The landscape was created when the area used to be under water.  Now the ocean has receded and there are left this thousands towering pillars of stone.  The first area was very sparse and the stone pillars were scattered around surrounded by grass.  The second area was denser, full of crevasses and dark passages ways.  It was a labyrinth and we had to ask our way out several times.  Again, this area was deserted of all but a few people.  Quite a surreal experience.  I was reminded of the game Myst… to make an obscure reference =)

The photos speak for themselves.

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