Monday, October 6th, 2008...11:10 pm

Hong Kong Part 2

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Saturday I decided to take in some culture and headed down to the Hong Kong Arts Centre to watch a film about the Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama.  The film, titled I Adore Myself, documents her current creative process as well as her continued artistic success and recognition. The film was shot while she was in the process of completing a set of 55 large drawing canvases.  As she drew, she would tell narrates her past through anecdotes; revealing her history throughout the film.  She is depicted as a very prolific and strong willed individual who is battling her age while continuing to be inspired and create. She drew with quick gestures using repetitive patterns that operated on both large and small scales. She filled the canvases with large designs of repeating themes.  It reminded of me how I used to go about drawing a number of years ago.  The film left me with a pleasant and mild swell of inspiration and enthusiasm.

After the film I road the star ferry across the harbor.  The boat rocked pleasantly while the evening sun ensured the impossibility of bad photographs.

I ate quickly on the street and took a cab to the opening at the Videotage in the Cattle Depot Artist Village.  The Artist Village lies behind the large brick walls of a reclaimed cattle slaughter yard in the Ma Tau Kok, Kowloon.  A number of contemporary and new media focused galleries have nestled themselves between concrete water troughs and large sliding doors. I browsed around chatting and seeing some of the other galleries.  As the evening closed, I was invited to join a group at one of the artist’s friend’s house. We spent the night discussing Hong Kong art community, culture and history.  I got a chance to bounce some of my impressions of Shanghai and Hong Kong off of people who had been living there a little longer.  Their perspective was really insightful and gave me a lot more to mull over.

The cab ride home was contemplative.  I feel that the amount of introspection time I have been given here is beginning to resolve into some more concrete decisions for the future.

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