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A video project: 绿色的 (lǜsède)

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绿色的 (pronounced lǜsède, or kinda like loosuhduh) is the first experimental video project I’ve done in China that I would like to share.  The title means “green colored”, but is faintly homonymous with “Lucid”.


绿色的 [high res, QuickTime H.264 720p24 135Mb]

绿色的 [low res, QuickTime H.264 480p24 90Mb]


The short is an attempt to capture the flow and cadence of moving within the city without concentrating on the details of individual events, people or activities.  I want to bring the attention to the color, pace, density and variety that moving over short distances can entail.  Only during moments of pause are we given specifics of what is around us, and they are brief.  The view taken is that of a backseat passenger; a participant in this large mass of shifting gestures.

I plan to do a number of studies using the technique found in the short here.  The effect has a pleasant tendency to do away with the baggage of certain camera language and specific symbols and replaces them with dampened movement, softened shapes, and a slower time scale.

My struggle with filming in the city comes from a hesitation to not put a wall between myself and those that live here.  I feel like when one takes out a camera out you cease to be a participant and become an observer. You put a person, a place, a culture on display.  That is acceptable for tourist photos, but I find myself stalled.  Instead of pointing at what is different, I find myself wanting to talk about the concepts things I see represent.  Every day in Shanghai I witness many brilliant instances of very compelling topics and themes.  Relationships between large and small, density, resourcefulness, contextual aesthetics.   I want to use these examples to get at the root point of interest, but find myself worried that I will instead but a culture on display as a westerner. In a word, my challenge is to use the images of China as a medium not as a subject.

Perhaps in this piece I am hiding behind obfsication and a flowy video filter, but it makes me more comfortable with my documentation.  The way I have composed and processed the piece it feels more like “mine” then “theirs”.  The cultureal images although present have been reduced and articulated by a process that is my own.


  • I tried hard to represent the flow of the street in Shanghai with photography, but I had a hard time doing so. I think you’ve succeeded where I have failed.

    Really neat video, dude :).

  • I’ve showed my friends the video, 綠色的, they think it’s very cool as I do ^v^
    And we are looking forward to see more video from you soon :)

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