Friday, October 24th, 2008...12:20 pm

A new chapter

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There has been a slight change of plans here.  I will be ending my internship Google earlier than expected.  Today is actually my last day.  It is due to some unexpected expenses associated with overseas employment.  Because of these expenses it isn’t practical for me to continue working for the next two months.  However, this doesn’t change my plan to stay in China, I’ll just able to enjoy my self with a lot more free time!

I am moving out of the hotel Google provided and in with my friend who owns the bike rental shop Alex and I visited a month ago.  We have grown to be quit good friends in the past few weeks.  I moved my paltry sum of belongings to his house yesterday.  He lives in a quaint apartment complex in calm neighborhood.  There are schools and shops all around, which is a stark contrast to the busy roads and department stores of my previous residence near 人民广场.  As he took me on a brief tour of the area yesterday I felt like my trip was just beginning, as if I had begun a new chapter. I felt electrified.  Everything was brand new again and my mind was free to imagine new activities and follow its whims.

My plan is to travel more, especially within China.  Everyone I meet in Shanghai is always describing to me the beautiful places they know in China, but until now it wasn’t feasible for me to go.  Now I can just hop a train and end up somewhere for a few days.  With the extra free time I can also concentrate harder on learning Mandarin.  I have worked it out with my 老师 to continue to have lessons with even more frequency than I was doing at Google.

China continually shows me that in life one must always be aware of how to make the best situation out of what they are given.  I have quickly learned to abandon any preconcieved plan and react to the situations at hand.

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