Saturday, October 25th, 2008...2:30 pm

我的生日,新的房子 - My birthday & new apartment!

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Yesterday was an exciting day.  Not only was it my last day at work and my first day in the new place but it was also my birthday!

I’ve included a few photos of the new place.  It’s pretty nice to move out of the hotel.  I didn’t realize how much living in such a temporary-feeling living arrangement was bothering me until I felt the comfort of a real home.  I spent the whole afternoon lying on the bed listening to sounds of life around me.  Children playing, people talking, dishes clanking from within open windows.  It was a decompression from the mental stress of the past week of decision making.

Billion, my new roommate, definitely went out of his way to make my birthday special.  First he surprised me with a ridiculous a present (see photo).

In the evening he had arranged a little get together at a friend’s cafe.  She had a cooked a big dinner for everybody.  They even had a birthday cake waiting for me. We chatted for a hours, swapping stories and culture.  It was a quite evening and  a perfect beginning of new things.


  • Dude, that’s what I’m talking about! We would always say that the DaHu wasn’t that bad, but we didn’t realize how living in a temporary-feeling place feels. That’s great that you’re out and in Billion’s place.

    Rad bike, too! Did your other one get stolen?

  • Wish you enjoy your Birthday here in China. ^___^
    Did your other one get stolen? haha! cute Alex !

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