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As I type this Alex is packing his things to leave.  He is torn about leaving, but given the situation it’s the best decision.  Christophe is back in the US and his project is getting some traction in the community.  Alex wants to work at the time zone of his colleagues.  He’s also super excited about moving to San Francisco.  He’s going to miss Shanghai, but he’s got a lot to go home to.

He is taking a break from packing. Lying on his back he launches into a monologue. He doesn’t know it but I’m typing as he speaks.

“I can’t believe it… I’m sad.  What an awesome city.  I really truly loved it here.  It’s a great city and I was around great people.  Whenever you leave something that you love, you gotta think twice.  But I still don’t regret my decision… it’s the right thing to do.”  We are both disappointed.  The three months we had planned to spend together had become two weeks.

I am going to miss his company.  It’s good to have a partner in crime and someone with whom to share experiences.  We spent the last two weeks together and got a long like best friends. I am interested to see how my daily life will change now that I am in this city with no close acquaintances from the back home.  I know I will spend more time alone, but I also think i will be more motivated to reach out to other friends I have made here.  I hope to spend time with people who I don’t speak English with so I can practice Chinese and dig into the culture more.

I do feel like I have been moving too fast.  It seems that every night we have had plans; we’ve been out and about doing things.  Being social is fun, but I want to slow down a little and reflect.  I want to stop and think about the last two weeks and change habits if I need to.  For example, I have video projects that I have wanted to work on but haven’t gotten a chance yet.  I haven’t been writing as much as I would like and want to study Mandarin more in the evenings.  Some alone time will be good.  I’m not saying that Alex has stopped me from doing things I wanted to do, but I think for the coming months that it will be a good change of pace.

If I’ve learned anything here so far it’s this: don’t rely on anything to stay the same. Be resourceful when presented with unexpected change.

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