Monday, September 22nd, 2008...10:30 pm


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Two quick examples of the resourcefulness of people in Shanghai.

My bike pedal broke while riding today. Within two blocks I came across a man with a cart that was fixing bikes. He put a new pedal in in 5 minutes and charged me 6元 (a little less than a dollar).

Before coming to Shanghai I had ripped a hole my favorite jeans from biking too much. We had made a rushed attempt to fix them before I left, but the repair job buckled under the stress of a hackey sack game with some locals here. When I went to do laundry I asked the woman if she could fix them. She said she couldn’t but she would take them t a friend. When I picked up my laundry today they had been sown like crazy and will never rip again. This service cost me 5元.

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